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Beautiful things to Accessorise your Life !

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Tilly & Tiffen



Come and Visit Us!!

Tilly & Tiffen offers furniture, giftware, antiques and home wares and other beautiful accessories to adorn your life.

Tilly & Tiffen is international in thought and offers an abundance of treasures sourced from around the Globe, including New Zealand and bespoke items made by talented Tauranga locals.

One’s home is an intimate space where we express ourselves in private.

Inspiration and design is forever evolving.

At Tilly & Tiffen we offer our customers both new, reproduction, vintage, antique and up cycled handpicked treasures with character.

The shop has a high end English, vintage vibe, due to it’s English owners back ground.
With both feminine and masculine elements.

Inspiration is it’s key ingredient.

The shops atmosphere is calm with classical music playing and candles lit.

Customers often mention how intrigued and moved they are, as they come across an item in the eclectic mix offered to them, stirring and sharing memories or emotions customers soon become friends.

We love planting that creative seed in you, encouraging you to experiment with objects of different heights and shapes and to decoratively display your loved possessions in your homes.

We think outside the realm of tradition our antique and pre loved items give much joy when refound by their new owners. Fine bone china tea cups, vintage linen, old doctors bags, Victorian cutlery, antique sporting goods to name but a few.

We spend hours searching for these often tarnished, worn, whimsical, mismatched souvenirs of life. We also love using these finds in our shop windows to create the finishing touches. It’s the little gestures that make our house a home.
The antique, vintage or pre loved items were made to last, sadly unlike the many mass produced wares of today.

Old treasures deserve to be on display not hidden away or forgotten , but appreciated for their merit.

We would love you to come and pay us a visit, either in store or online.

Remember there is no right or wrong combinations it’s what makes it pleasing to your eye.
Just add or subtract until it takes on a visual order, enjoy have fun with it!